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Privacy Policy

*Developer Information and Contact Details:*

- Website: [Reindia Skill](https://reindiaskill.com)
- Email: reindiaskill@gmail.com
- Address: 2nd Floor, RDK Tower Infront of Chroma, Bhatagaon, Raipur-492015, Chhattisgarh
*Types of Personal and Sensitive Information:*
We only collect necessary general information and do not access, use, or share personal data. Sensitive data collected:
1. User location: Solely used for storing the user's location.
2. Profile picture: Uploaded pictures for record management.
No third-party data sharing is conducted.
*Data Usage Explanation:*
 The app is exclusive to employees recruited by "Reindia Technology Limited (RTSPL)" with unique IDs and passwords. Data usage includes:
- Tracking assigned employees.
- Collecting location data for user tracking.
- Accessing the camera to take photos for user records.
Users cannot request data deletion.
1. INTERNET: Necessary for full app functionality.
2. READ_MEDIA_IMAGES: Required to read media images.
3. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for accessing app media and files.
4. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Necessary for saving app data and files.
5. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: Required for accessing approximate location.
6. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Needed to access the user's precise location.
*Data Security Measures:*
- Encryption: Sensitive data is encrypted during transmission and storage.
- Secure Authentication: Robust authentication mechanisms are implemented.
- Regular Audits: Security audits are conducted regularly to address vulnerabilities.
- Access Control: Restricted access to authorized personnel only.
- Secure Infrastructure: Hosted on secure platforms with industry-leading security measures.
- Compliance: Adherence to relevant data protection regulations and standards.
- Employee Training: Staff undergo regular training on data security best practices.
*Data Retention and Deletion Policy:*
- Retention Period: Data is retained as long as necessary or as required by law.
- User Control: Users cannot request deletion of their personal data.
- Deletion Process: Deletion requests are reviewed and processed promptly.
- Exceptions: Some data may be retained longer to comply with legal obligations.
- Transparency: Data retention and deletion practices are clearly outlined in our privacy policy.
By adhering to these principles, we prioritize user privacy while fulfilling operational and legal obligations.